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July 7, 2017 - The DCS WiFi Companion - a new E-Book and Softcover book from Barry Broskowitz, author of The DCS Companion series of books - has been released and is available for download on the M.T.H. website.

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Click HERE to download a FREE PDF Addendum to the book, featuring an in-depth tutorial on using TMCC and Legacy locomotives.

About The Book

This new, nearly 200-page, four-color guide discusses, in detail, how to implement complete WiFi control of DCS on new and existing layouts. It contains 83 pictures and illustrations that educate the reader on the basic and advanced features and functions of DCS from the point of view of the Premium version of the DCS App.

The book includes: capabilities and use of the Premium version of the DCS App; implementation of DCS WiFi on new or existing layouts via standalone or home network access; setup, installation, operation, and software updating of the Wireless Interface Unit (WIU); and much more.

The information provided in the digital version is updated periodically by the author and future updates to the current edition will be available to the original purchaser at no charge for the life of the edition. Barry also lends his expertise on the OGR forum, providing detailed instructions, update information, and open discussions to address any questions or concerns.

You can purchase the Softcover book for $29.95 by going HERE.

You can download the E-Book for $13.95 by going HERE.

Reviewed by Jim Barrett in OGR's January 2010 issue, Barry's first book, The DCS Companion, was hailed as an "indispensable tool" that "should be in the hands of every command control operator". M.T.H. expects that the new book will carry on the same tradition of allowing DCS operators to optimize the capabilities of DCS and maximize their enjoyment, now using WiFi through the Premium version of the DCS Application. The entire OGR review can be found by clicking HERE.

This new book is both a DCS tutorial for those adding DCS for the first time to a new or existing layout, as well as a valuable reference for the experienced DCS operator. The uncomplicated language used in the book allows anyone to easily understand and operate the DCS Digital Command System using the Premium version of the DCS App, regardless of their experience level. Even the most expert DCS operators will find useful information regarding MTH's Premium version of the DCS App and WIU Wifi Interface Unit throughout this new book. Since each section of the book inherently builds on the previous section, the reader has the choice of starting from the beginning and reading through the entire book, or jumping to a particular section of interest.

While the DCS WiFi Companion is certain to be among the best purchases that a DCS operator can make, built-in support for the app is being updated and should be available in early June 2017. Current app support is accessed by going to the More link at the bottom of the app screen and selecting User Manuals. From there, select the Wi-Fi DCS Manual. As that manual is updated, additional content, relative to the M.T.H. Premium App will be included, so check back if you don't find the information you're searching for. You can also submit a DCS App Support request by clicking HERE.